I found this bag hanging in the back on a very narrow booth in an antique mall in Tennessee. Old and textured fabrics tend to catch my eye, so when I saw this, I quickly ran over and did what I always do first: check the price tag. For less […]

Antique Feed Bag as Farmhouse Decoration

    I inherited this milk glass set from my beautiful grandmother. Milk glass is a staple around the south. In fact, it’s so common that on any given day of the week you can find it on the kitchen supplies aisle at any thrift store. As we’ve been living […]

DIY Succulent and Milk Glass Decorations

So This is 30   I’ve learned a few things since turning 30.   Like a lot of people, 30 was a hard birthday for me. It sounded old, but I still felt really young.  In talking with other girlfriends in their 30s, I realized that I was not alone. […]

So This is 30

An Open Letter to  2015 Playmate of the Year (Or, 2016 Playboy Playmate who Exposed a Woman’s Naked Body at The Gym), When did you miss the life lesson about being a basic decent human? BASIC. The bar is not very high. It’s simple.   Your body is YOURS to […]

An Open Letter to 2015 Playmate of the Year ...

I LOVE bringing in mixed mediums. I particularly love rustic and industrial farm tools/equipment next to clean interior spaces. I recently painted our entryway shiplap white, so I’ve been on the hunt for decorations.   I really do not like “sets” and “matchy matchy” decorations that look like they could […]

Galvanized Chicken Feeder as Farmhouse Decoration

I  never thought I could love a vegetable as much as I love my tomatoes. They’re growing so well and they’re so strong. Of course I feed them, er, water them religiously. They’re more than just a round little vegetable of goodness: they’re my friends. They’re also little reminders that […]

Farm 101: Don’t Pet the Tomatoes

I love a good deal. I love yard sales. I especially love a good deal at a yard sale! I scored this wooden desk for ten bucks at a community yard sale!! It was a classic white and gold desk. I love seeing this exact desk pop up on TV […]

$10 Yard Sale Make Over!

  Quit. It’s such a harsh word to stagger off the tongue. I quit. With two words, I quickly felt diminished to nothing but a failure. But I wasn’t. I did a pretty good job. This week an administrator told me, “I know why you quit, but you’re just so […]

Why I Quit Special Education

Here.   A place that was once so far away. A place I worked so hard to get to. Here. A place I temporary stray and fight to come back to. I’ve had a hard time getting here. It’s scary, it’s vulnerable, and it’s real. But so is life. So, […]


That’s it. That’s all I needed. Now our farm is complete. Except for our chickens in the spring. And maybe a puppy I find in a box on the side of the road (why does everyone but me find boxes of abandoned puppies??? I did pull a kitten from the […]

Meet our Mini Donkeys!